Happy Fall!
As the colors begin to change, the temps dips a bit more, and the kids are back in school, and our schedules become more routine, be sure to have plenty of fresh, healthy food to make soups, sauces, as well as great root vegetables and squash that are in season now. 
At my place we are celebrating the bounty of our garden, with tons of tomatoes, squash, onions, as well as a few other less bountiful items like 3 beets and two small cucumbers.  But enough of that, here’s my article on dietary choices. . .
What are the best dietary choices?

With so much attention focused on diets, weight loss, and what not to eat, sometimes it can feel like there is nothing left to eat.  However, almost anyone with any dietary restrictions can eat mostly fresh vegetables and fruit.  Avoid the things you know you are allergic or sensitive to and crowd them out by loading up on LOTS of tasty substitutions.Healthy food

Find a few items to fall back on, and depend on.  These should be items you already like, and add any you discover you like as you go.  This could be carrots, celery, bell peppers dipped in hummus, or berries (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, raspberries) or an apple.  This could also be a breakfast that you enjoy and is a good meal to start your day with.  Eggs with spinach and red bell pepper; or homemade granola with berries or with homemade yogurt.  Depending how motivated you are you can make most processed items homemade and then you are assured as to what went into them.  Whatever you enjoy and like to eat a lot, can turn crunch time into healthy eating time.  Simple food choices that you can have readily available or make quickly will keep you in check at busy and stressful times when you have to eat, but don’t have time to make a full, healthy meal.

Super Foods

Some people have more serious conditions like celiac disease, crohns and colitis, leaky gut (or gut permeability); IBS, etc. and have a huge listing of foods to avoid, but the doctors who hand out these “no eat” lists, rarely help someone with the “yes” foods in that process.  When you have to revamp your whole diet it can seem like a daunting task, but know that many, many people who have cleaned up their diet, have healed themselves of some of these conditions, or at least dramatically reduced the symptoms associated with these conditions.  Once this healing occurs, some people can go back to items that were on the “no eat” list, as the gut no longer has the deficiencies in processing these foods, allowing it to go back on the “yes” list.  This can be a long, arduous process, but believe me it will be worth it.  You will feel so much better, and look better too.  You will feel more alive and vibrant, have a happier and longer life, and thrive instead of simply surviving.

Diet ChangeNow, maybe you are thinking of trying out vegetarianism or a veganism, but you are not sure how to get enough protein, as well as other essential nutrients.  Like any diet, it is all about the correct balance of foods, nutrients, exercise that work for you and you alone.  Take tips from lots of different vegetarians or vegans, try out lots of scenarios, and get the help of a Health Coach, or a naturopathic doctor, if necessary.  Some people find that they thrive as a vegan or a vegetarian, while others try it for 1, 2, 5 or 10 years and as they have changed so has their diet, as in what truly serves and nourishes them.  When you reach the point where your diet and your mindset are imbalanced you must seek new ways to bring your body and mind back to balance.  Sometimes this takes years of research and experimentation.  Maybe you need a lot of guidance and help, or maybe you can figure it out for yourself.  Either way, this is a good opportunity for you to connect with a Health Coach and have the guidance and support to carry you through a major transition or transformation.  If you can get to the root of your imbalance, find a better place to reach clarity on what truly is right for your body, it feels empowering and enlightening.

Like everything else in life, people and their diets are different – bio-individuals.  Some work through a cleanse or detox on their own, some do a guided detox from someone they trust, some people intuitively know what their body wants and needs.  The type of guidance and support is also different for everyone, so I will meet you where you are and support you in what you are seeking for yourself.Detox

In addition to my Coaching services, classes, and other events, I have been developing my new program entitled “SERF – Simply Eat Real Food”, which may be just what you are seeking as a guide and experiment.  This is an 8 week online class to explore several topics of making the transition from a SAD (Standard American Diet) to a healthier choice, where I will walk you through 8 topics surrounding dietary changes, choices, alternatives, how to accomplish it, and how to maintain it.  There will be lessons, homework assignments, recipes, tips, tricks and a private Facebook group to collaborate with your classmates for support, ideas and guidance.   This class series begins on October 3, 2016.   Sign up by contacting me.

Each week during this online class you will receive an email which will contain written information, recipes, ideas, my thoughts and meanderings on a different subject of changing your eating habits and learning more about real food and real nutrition.  We will have a private Facebook group where I will be active to help support the participants, answer questions, provide insights, ideas and options. 

Sign up today!!