Healthy Holidays Part 3
10 Cool Success Tips Coming Your Way
Help to Survive the Endless Holiday Treats

Okay, you survived Thanksgiving, hopefully without eating too much or feeling too badly about it.  Now to face the endless stream of cookies, candies, baked goods, and other treats that are in such abundance this time of year.  I also have my birthday thrown in there between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  WHEW!!  Get ready!

If your workplace is anything like mine, we are constantly faced with temptations of gifts from our clients, vendors, business associates, as well as celebrations, parties, lunches out, and happy hours.  It seems like this time of year you simply can’t escape from the junk food, it’s everywhere!!

Here are 10 Cool Success Tips for Surviving and Thriving this Holiday Season.

1.      Conquer your mindset.  Perhaps the most difficult thing to do is to get in the right mindset for the holidays.  My mindset has completely shifted from the way it used to be – which was to indulge and enjoy and pay for it all later.  Not anymore, now I simple remember why I don’t indulge like that anymore, how far I’ve come, and how much better I will feel, physically, emotionally and psychologically when I make better choices.

2.      Awareness.  Here is where I constantly remind myself how gluten, sugar, diary, alcohol, etc. makes me feel.  This makes my process so much easier.  I have become VERY aware of just how some of these goodies and temptations really do nothing for me other than make me miserable.  Whether is it immediately, or a week from now, when I feel bad, have acne, cramping, bloating, itching, nasal congestion, and all the other symptoms these foods bring on, and it is easy to turn away and know that you will feel good, feel well, feel nourished, and feel happy that you have made the right choices and your body will thank you for it.  Know what your body wants and needs.

3.      Water.  Drink more water.  I know I say this over and over, but it really is extremely important.  Most of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it.  Dehydration causes all kinds of issues, from headaches, dry skin, and muscle cramps to more serious conditions like low blood pressure, rapid heartbeat, rapid breathing, fever and even delirium.  It is extremely important to stay hydrated by drinking clean, filtered water, without any additives, or sugars, or anything else.

4.      Healthy Choices at the Ready.  I’ve mentioned preparedness before, and again this is important.  While you may need a bit of advance preparation, it pays dividends later when you are prepared with a healthy choice available when constantly encountering more holiday temptations.  Prepare some simple, healthy snacks to carry with you.  Energy Balls; hummus and veggies; or an apple with almond butter).  If you are prepared with a healthy alternative, you will be much less tempted when you are hungry and all that you see is junk food.

5.      Healthy Alternatives to your Favorites.  If you are feeling bad about not being able to enjoy your favorite dish, look for an alternative, a healthier version of the dish.  Be it stuffing, my alternative is here, or something else that you really miss as part of your holiday, make a quick Google search; or make your own special treat, like organic, low sugar, dark chocolates.  As more and more people turn to healthier choices, the selection and options available are increasing exponentially.  Ask me, I have lots of great alternatives I am happy to share with you or refer you to someone else who is providing for these needs.

6.      Get Support.  Perhaps you can team up with a buddy at work, or a friend who will partner with you and hold you accountable; or work with a health coach, either way get some support and make it more fun.  When you have an encouraging, supportive, caring friend or coach you are much more likely to succeed, and it will improve your mindset to nurture yourself and someone else.  Contact me or book a consultation today.

7.      Splurge!  Every once in a while…  Obviously, if you splurge every day the wheels will fall off of this train, and you will derail your healthy journey through the holidays.  Eat one chocolate, or one cookie, or one piece of indulgent candy.  Sit down with it, savor its flavor, and indulge in its decadence.  No shame, no guilt, no negative thoughts at all.  Just enjoy the flavor of your treat.  YUM!!!

8.      Appreciate the Nourishing Whole Food you are Eating.  Appreciate and show gratitude for the beautiful, whole foods you are preparing for yourself and eating.  Be grateful for the knowledge and the power you have over your food choices.  Make the conscious, purposeful choice to eat well and appreciate every morsel.

9.      Meditate, Pray.  Whatever your spiritual practice looks like, be it meditation, prayer, yoga, a walk in nature, whatever it is, fit it is as often as possible this season.  Sit quietly, walk peacefully through a park or a forest, go for a hike in the snow.  Breathe . . . breathe in the fresh air, and bring to your being that sense of peace and delight, breathe into your power that makes it all possible.  Rejoice and Give Thanks!!

10.  Celebrate, Be Joyful and Focus on the Positive:

Spend time with your family, friends, and loved ones
Nourish your body with wholesome, good, home cooked food
Bless nourishing food and be grateful for it
Feel great in your mind and body this holiday season
Easily digest your food
Embrace the spirit and the beauty of the season
Lift up someone in need
Celebrate the love, peace, gratitude and joy of this season.

I wish you all a nourishing, Vibrant, and happy December, with a slight bit of Splurge!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and Blessings to All!!!

Thank you for all of your support!!