Healing WordsAs a health coach, I provide the fundamentals of healthy eating, wellness, and balance; then guide, encourage and cheer you on as you work toward your dietary and lifestyle goals.
I am full of tips, tricks, recipes, ideas, and solutions for your struggles, with some relatively new, but really exciting, science-based HealthCARE.

I am ‘officially’ a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.

Over the course of my certification training we explored over 100 dietary theories, learning a variety of holistic methods to discover what the root cause of any given health problem might be, and to try to restore ourselves from within.  We explored blood type diets, blood sugar diets, Ayurvedic diets, macrobiotic diets, as well as more mainstream diets, like Atkins and South Beach diets.  We learned not only about the nutrition, but how to make better choices, how to make it easier to get it all done, and how to help facilitate change in other people’s lives.  We also learned about the other things that affect our lives every day, which also effects our health and how we feel.  These include:

  • Careers, and whether you love your job or career, and if it fulfills you and makes you feel valued.
  • Physical Activity, using different ways to regularly move your body – which can be gentle or hot yoga, a brisk walk, a full exercise routine at the gym, or whatever you are capable of and what makes you thrive.
  • Relationships, it is important to have healthy, positive relationships with your family, friends, partner, children, co-workers, etc. When you are healthy overall, it is much easier to refrain from turmoil and drama, and your changes might just rub off on others around you in a positive way, too.
  • Spiritual Practice. Research shows that it is good for our well-being to have a regular spiritual practice, in whatever way that makes sense to you – this can be a traditional religion, or some other practice that lifts you up, and makes you feel loved; part of a community; and hopeful.  Meditation, yoga, and being in nature can be less traditional ways you might keep a spiritual practice.

Humans thrive on personal interaction and a sense of community, so join in and be happy.

I continually further my nutrition and coaching knowledge with books, webinars, training, and further education.  I am always seeking to gain a more clear understanding of the world of health and wellness.

As a Health Coach, I provide guidance, encouragement, ideas and feedback in whatever way you need help or support so you can reach your health goals.  We will set realistic, achievable goals in our first session, and then get right to work on action steps to break it all down into doable pieces and start working toward meeting your goals.  I offer tips, tricks, and other shortcuts, and so much more, to help you on your journey.  I offer a FREE, no obligation 50-minute Discovery Session so we can learn more about each other.

A Health Coach might be just the type of support you need, that you don’t know you need.  Just because you have never heard of a health coach before doesn’t mean one can’t help you.  I am a support system and a cheer squad, the type that lifts you up and celebrates every accomplishment with you.  A Health Coach is someone who supports you, encourages you, guides you to what you seek.

Schedule a FREE no obligation 50 minute Discovery Session  today where we will explore and discuss your health and wellness goals and work together to choose a program best suited to you and your health goals.