12657195_10207219495620370_3273274064292882165_o (2)Hi, I’m Lisa Blakeney.  I am now a happy, healthy, living and breathing example of how simple it can be to change your life for the better.  I set myself on a course of change, in all ways positive, and one thing led to another, to another, until the icky was in the past, and my life was positive, happy, fulfilling and vibrant.

I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach (INHC).  Here on my website and in my blog you will have many chances to learn all about me.  I’ve been on a personal wellness journey and I look forward to getting to know you and sharing your journey to wellness.

I have recently completely changed my life.  I started out being fat, depressed and miserable, then by implementing some new habits positive change began to happen.  I lost 47 pounds and 5 jeans sizes, plus my cellulite, acne, bloat and digestion issues disappeared.

Best thing is that I feel great!

I feel the best I have since I was a teenager.  I was even told by a former co-worker I’d not seen recently that I looked 10 years younger.  WOW!!!  Thanks!!

Please know that I am just like you, and if I can make these changes so can you.

Progress is much better than perfection, so let’s work on progress.

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