I offer a variety of coaching services to provide you with the best options to fit your unique needs and budget.  My services pages, Coaching, Online Offerings and More Offerings list all of my services.  Please contact me to schedule a free initial consultation, where we will discuss your health goals, make sure we are right for each other, and we can also work out plan for your transformation and a payment system that works for both of us.  We are working toward a lifetime of vibrant and joyful living, which means different things for different people.  Regardless of the amount of time we work together, you will transform yourself and achieve your goals with my guidance and support. 

As my client, I offer you:

  • Realistic goal setting that feels exciting and empowering
  • Discussions of your goals, desired changes, ideal weight, ideal lifestyle, and the ways to get there
  • Guidance to help you uncover your own empowering sense of self-improvement
  • Experiments and ideas to help you to get a handle on your cravings
  • Suggestions that can help you increase your Vibrancy, and your energy levels
  • Handouts, videos, and other media to help you increase your knowledge
  • My newsletter with informative, inspirational and encouraging stories and news
  • Learn about food options, recipes and ingredients that you may not yet know about
  • Discover the self-esteem and the confidence to reach your goals and dreams
  • Coaching and support to guide you in making life-altering, dietary and lifestyle changes
  • Suggestions and guidance to help you improve your personal relationships
  • My encouragement, support, cheer squad, and enthusiasm to celebrate EVERY accomplishment
  • My personal commitment to your success and your new healthy lifestyle
Schedule a FREE no obligation 50 minute Discovery Session  today where we will explore your health and wellness goals and talk about a plan to transform your life and make those health goals your reality, without deprivation and despair.