Classes and Workshops
Both live in Tacoma, Washington and

Recorded and Available Online Soon
FREE or $25 per person, per class/workshop

A wide variety of Classes and Workshops on topics like nutrition, GMOs, shopping wisely, saving money on good nutrition, how planning and pre-preparing items can save you time and money, dietary options, exercise, self-care, organic v. conventional food, gluten sensitivity, elimination diets, detoxes, cleanses, and more.  See descriptions below and then visit my Events calendar to sign up.

Are you riding the sugar roller coaster?
How about an easier way to get through your day?

$25 per person

This class is for anyone looking to cut down on their sugar consumption.  In general, Americans are addicted to sugar because most of our foods contain added sugars.  Join me for some real life information about sugar, and how to reduce it in your life, without deprivation.  You will learn how to curb cravings and gain control, once and for all. 

Contact me if you need more information.  Sign up here.

Get your Energy Back and Thrive
$25 per person

How would you feel if you lived with an abundance of energy and vitality?  Rather than sluggishness and fatigue?  Changing aspects of your diet and lifestyle can make profound changes in your energy, let me teach you how.  Come to this interactive workshop to learn which foods increase your energy, naturally, and which foods are bringing you down.

Contact me if you need more information.  Sign up here.

Change your Food, Change your Mood
$50 per person

Would you be surprised to learn that your depression, fatigue, anxiety, and other mental pressures are heavily influenced by the foods you eat?  Join me in this informative workshop to learn just how important your food is for mental clarity, less anxiety, decreasing depression, and reducing chronic fatigue.  You will be truly surprised by this new information surrounding the food/mood movement. 

Contact me if you need more information.  Sign up here.

Cooking Classes

I am currently working on some cooking class videos for simple, yummy dishes you can make quickly.  Tune in to the Blog, and my YouTube channel for these videos.

Grocery Store Tours
$275 for a two hour tour (approximately Lynnwood to Olympia in Washington state only)

I will go shopping with you, at your store or at a health store near you to help you navigate and understand what you are really buying and learn some great ways to change it up.  Try something new and shake up your grocery cart to include healthy, fresh options, and avoid all those processed foods (even in the health food stores).  I will give you tips, tricks, shopping lists and ideas to help save money whenever possible.  You might be surprised to learn what is lurking in your grocery cart.  Book a FREE, no obligation Discovery Session to prepare and schedule our Grocery Tour.

Meal Planning
Prices will vary with selections and number of meals requested.

I will provide custom meal planning for yourself and your family.  Planning meals to fit your tastes and schedule can really help you to bring it all together to feed yourself and your family a healthy, quick meal that will sustain them.  Ask me about my meal planning options and get started right away.  I will interview you to learn about what you like to eat, and then will plan meals for you to prepare for yourself and your family.  I will provide shopping lists, recipes, and cooking advice to make it all come together.   Book a FREE, no obligation Discovery Session to prepare and discuss your needs for Meal Planning.

Retreat Events
Prices vary.

I will be hosting Weekend Retreats to inspire, inform, encourage, lift us up and empower you.  Watch the calendar these event details get finalized.